Guava Pulp is extracted from manually harvested matured, sound, cleaned and ripened guava fruits. The preparation process includes washing,cutting, destoning, refining and packing. In case of aseptic product, the pulp is sterilized and packed in aseptic bags. High quality control standards are followed at each stage of processing guava pulp. Guava Pulp is made from select variety of white and pink Guavas, ripened under controlled atmospheric conditions. The refined pulp is also packed in cans, hermetically sealed and retorted. The process ensures that the natural flavour and aroma of the fruit is retained in the final product.

Guava fruit pulp can be added to fruit breads, cakes, tarts, muffins, pie-fillings, icings, donuts, ice-creams, fruit bars, milk shakes, yogurts, puddings, toppings, cereals, juices, strained fruit, fruit deserts, fruit drinks, etc. Natural pink color of Pink guava pulp makes it an alluring base for ice cream and desserts, delicious smoothies and cocktails, savory sauces, juice, beverages, jams, jellies, preserves, fruit salads dressing and guava paste. The sweet flavor and natural Vitamin C makes it a significant product for commercial purposes.


T.S.S (Degree Brix) White Guava Puree Min 9
Pink Guava Puree Min 8
White Guava Concentrate Min 20
Acidity (% as C.A.) anhydrous w/w White Guava Puree Max 0.80%
Pink Guava Puree Max 0.90%
pH White Guava Concentrate Max 1.40%
Viscosity (BrookField) Puree Min 2500 cps at 20 degree C,at 8-9 degree Brix.
Concentrate Min 8000 cps at 20 degree C, at 20 degree Brix.
Total plate count Aseptic & Canned Max 50/GM Frozen Max 5000/GM
Yeast and Mould Aseptic Max 20/GM Frozen Max 1000/GM
E.coli Nil Nil

Microbiological Status
Guava puree/concentrate is free from any pathogenic organisms. Aseptic and canned guava puree and concentrate are commercially sterile.

The Guava pulp/concentrate is packed in aseptic bags of 55-gallon capacity in open top steel drums. Canned Product is packed in A-10 size can and hermetically sealed and retorted. Six cans are packed in 5 ply cartons provided with separators.

Weight Per Pack

Guava Puree

Gross Wt.(in kg)

Net Wt.(in kg)

Aseptic pack in 55 gallon



Canned pulp in carton



Guava Concentrate

Gross Wt. (in kg)

Net Wt.(in kg)

Aseptic pack in 55 gallon



Storage Recommendations
Guava puree/concentrate should be stored at ambient temperature preferably below 25 degree Celsius and not below 4 degree Celsius. Higher temperature and sunlight should be avoided to enhance shelf life.

Shelf Life
Best before 12 months from date of manufacture.